If the RBVC or the VA is unable to accommodate a transportation request, there are other options available in the local area. 

Rocky Boy Transit 

The transit program is run on scheduled routes and now offers a local route to assist with clinic transportation.  The transit office would prefer a 24 hours advance notice or at least an hour before, to ensure they can provide adequate transportation services.  

To speak with a transit coordinator call (406) 395-8726. 

North Central Montana Transit 

North Central Montana Transit is a public transportation system designed to serve the Hi-Line communities of Hill and Blaine counties and surrounding communities as well as to provide coordinated services with Fort Belknap and Rocky Boy's Transit systems. 

For routes and schedules visit http://www.ncmtransit.org/ or call (406) 265-4762 or Toll-Free (855)233-6268.

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